Living in Malta

Made in Malta – What’s Good on the Music Scene

"When in Rome," goes the famous saying. Settling in to a new country is not just about sorting out your paperwork, finding a place...

Perfect Spring Time Activities in Malta

Ahh, the lovely spring is back! Beautiful sunshine, warm Mediterranean breeze and friendly smiles all around. Now is the perfect time to get out...

Furnishing Your Home in Malta

There is something magical about a house or a flat being transformed into a home. It takes time and effort, and a whole lot...

Moving to Malta

Malta 101: Which Town Should You Move to?

When moving to Malta, probably one of the very first questions every person will ask is – where? Even though Malta is an incredibly small...

The Curious Numbers of Malta

Malta, a tiny European country in the Mediterranean, may not impress with size, but has more than enough to offer otherwise. Most people who don’t...

Moving to Malta vs Gozo – One on One Comparison

Many foreigners who are thinking about moving to Malta for reasons other than work tend to seriously consider between Malta and Gozo as the...

News & Events For Expats in Malta

The Addams Family Musical: 7-8 March 2020

I'm not usually a big fan of musicals but this one does seem interesting! The quirky Addams family with their dark humor...

Eco Market: 21-22 December 2019

Oh Christmas! Finally you are just around the corner.  So what better way to mark the beginning of December...

Colours in Motion: 25-26 March 2017

This is an event that could be super-cool ... or a complete flop. One way to find out! What's Colours in Motion? It's a "multimedia art-piece"...