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Malta is a wonderful but weird place. These posts are a collection of our biggest “wow …” moments that we’ve experienced here on the island – things that can happen Only in Malta.

But it’s not only us. If you notice something worthy of sharing yourself then PLEASE shoot me an email at editor@therealmalta.com and I’ll be happy to feature it here on the site!

Only in Malta: Police Setting a Great Example in Traffic

If you've been in Malta for long enough then you probably know that indicating turns isn't unfortunately overly common yet. One of the reasons for this is the (near-absolute) lack of enforcement by the police,...
Malta White Taxies

How Malta White Taxi Driver Ripped Me Off, Nearly Killing Me

Oh, the infamous white taxis of Malta ... There probably isn't a single person who has lived on this rock for over a few years and doesn't have a story to share that involves the...