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Planning to move to Malta, but don’t know where to look for an apartment, how to get a bank account or where to even look for a job? We’ve got the answers!

Malta House For Rent

Don’t Get Screwed By Your Landlord! 9 Useful Tips for Renting in Malta

Finding a flat and renting in Malta is luckily incredibly simple, and in most cases, you can sign an agreement and move in even on the next day from your initial viewing. The dark side...
Curious Numbers of Malta

The Curious Numbers of Malta

Malta, a tiny European country in the Mediterranean, may not impress with size, but has more than enough to offer otherwise. Most people who don’t mistake Malta for a fruit have heard a few facts...
Malta vs Cyprus

Malta vs Cyprus for Expats – The Fight is ON!

There are many similarities between the island countries of Malta and Cyprus - at the first glance, anyway. But the two countries are also very different in many regards. As someone who's spent 3 years...
Maltese Bragioli

Maltese Food – Does it Really Exist?

Living in Malta for a while, it may easily seem that there's no such thing as Maltese food, and all they eat here is pizza, pasta, burgers, and chips. But is it really so? In...
Pros and Cons of Malta

36 Shocking Pros and Cons of Moving to Malta

There's no question that Malta is a popular and attractive destination for expats who are out on the hunt for the sun and easy life - and there's plenty of both in stock for...

Moving to Malta vs Gozo – One on One Comparison

Many foreigners who are thinking about moving to Malta for reasons other than work tend to seriously consider between Malta and Gozo as the first step. This included us when we first moved to...
Old Wooden Bank

Malta 101: Setting Up a Bank Account in Malta

One of the first hurdles that most newcomers to Malta face is opening a bank account. Something that should be a pretty easy process often quickly turns into an absolute nightmare. And that nightmare can lead...
Malta vs Cyprus Round 2

Malta vs Cyprus as a Place to Live – Round 2

Some time ago we covered some of the similarities and differences between Malta and Cyprus in the Round 1 of our Malta vs Cyprus Fight. I compared the two countries’ climate, cost of living, party...
best place to live in Malta

Malta 101: Which Town Should You Move to?

When moving to Malta, probably one of the very first questions every person will ask is – where? Even though Malta is an incredibly small country, there are still a myriad of towns and villages...
Map of Malta

How Small Malta REALLY Is – 3 Examples

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Malta is a VERY small country. But 'small' is quite subjective. Estonia is also a small country by most standards. As is New Zealand, according to...